Best Website Templates for an Online Cloth Store

Online Cloth Store

When you think of selling clothes online, having a reliable and attractive website is the first idea that clicks on your mind. Even with the trending fashions and the best marketing strategies, without a good site, make sales will only happen in your imaginations. For your website to be attractive, you must select a great theme/template.

Importantly, your template must match with what you are selling. While a cosmetic website theme can be attractive, it is not fit for an online store dealing with clothes and fashion. Having said this, the question would be what are the best templates for an online cloth store? Read on to know.


Fashionopolism is a paid cloth store theme from Shopify. The theme is designed for stores with multiple collections and requiring images as the point of customer attraction. If your shop lies in this category, Fashionopolism is the right match for you. The theme comes along with several features to enhance your site attractiveness, navigability, and user-friendliness.

Some of the features include a slideshow with a video – this feature enables you to upload explainer videos to give a short story of your offers. Also, it has a place to display your featured fashions making it easier for customers to select what they need.

To help you offer bits of advice and guidelines to your customers, Fashionopolism comes with a blog page. Again, the theme helps to optimize your site for the social media. It has several social media icons that can facilitate the sharing of your content and offers.


Minimal is a free website template designed for online cloth/fashion stores. The template comes in three styles which are fashion, vintage, and modern. Depending on the type of selling category, you can use one of the styles to match it. However, fashion is the best style made for an online fashion store.

Notably, the template is simple to navigate and use on your site. Also, since it is free, you do not have to dig deeper in your pocket. Besides, it is responsive to both PC and mobile devices which gives you an upper hand in website optimization.


Pioneer is a responsive theme for online fashion store from Themeforest. The template is user-friendly. Pioneer comes with three homepage layouts and customized for various computing device screens. Also, Pioneer has other essential features such as newsletter popups, three header color option, and a place to display your featured items.

In a word, enhancing the attractiveness of your website for selling clothes online is no longer a hard task. With a variety of smart and affordable themes, you now have a chance of turning your online store into a customer magnet.


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